How we started

Friendship Incorporated

 Founded: 1974

Owner: Membership

Company Profile

In the early seventies there was no sobriety clubs for low-income minorities who wanted to recover from alcoholism. Although there were alcohol-free social and recreational environments in the city of Milwaukee, they were not easily accessible to the African American community.

Twelve recovering alcoholics who sought to correct this problem founded the Friendship Club. The founders incorporated the club under the name of Friendship, Inc. thus making the non-profit organization the first African American operated sobriety club in Milwaukee.

For nearly four decades the Friendship Club has served Milwaukee’s inner city population by providing a safe and healthy educational, social and recreational setting for recovering people and their families.

Today, the Friendship Club continues to offer itself as a non-traditional aftercare model to the recovering community. Friendship Incorporated is dedicated to the efforts of providing social, recreational and educational activities to the recovering alcoholic/addict, his/her family, friends and others interested in the recovery process.

This Club is a non-profit organization under Wisconsin Statues.

Board of Directors
Executive Officers
President                   Rozalia  H
Vice President          Sean G
Secretary                   Evelina M
Treasurer                   Anthony H 
Board Member         Lynette J
Board Member         Beverly A
Board Member         George P
Board Member         Dollie W 
Board Member         Annette  J
Board Member         Johnson S
Board Member          Kim J.